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Lol hypocracy.

Soy uo say their movies suck? Let's see you do better.

Legendary Goodness.

Oh man, I was having the screaming giggls until the Zelda reference was played, then I laughed hard.

Camron23 responds:

Thanx, glad you liked!

a gem among dirt.

Wooow this brings back and actually b*#&@$(%izes my childhood.

Very great job on this.

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They say simplicity is the best weapon for flash, that is good, now let's talk about the content.
The content in terms of what was planned, a bit odd concerning most tastes in flash games these days but the overall concept was well within reach. Though I hope it helps to remember that you can do much more like other pony submissions around the net. So far, a bit odd, but well done.

Kajio responds:

Oh well, look at my two previous pony animations :) I also have an AJ one being released tonight

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A very chill alternate to such a wonderful song.

out of all the remixes this has to be the most calming of all, the rest seem to try and make it more uppity than it needs to be, and the original will always be loved and cherished. This however, is right next to that rank.

DJ-Firepoint responds:

Cheers mate :)
I made this partly because I wanted a more chill version that I could loose myself in, glad you agree that it's calming.

How does this not get love?

This song is very flow and has has a deep feeling to it, brings out an emotional scene of some type. Very fitting to the occasion.


This has potential, but needs some variation to make up for the time length. But overall very nice to hear though.

OH35 responds:

Thank you for your feedback.

This was our first attempt to mix these various genres together. We didn't want to make too much variations because we were still experimenting with the different instruments to blend them together well.

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Great work!

I could totally see Sam doing something like this. Then again, I could be surprised. Awesome style, awesome perspective, and wonderful theme.

It's good to be back, what up NG it's your boi KTC and I return from the void. Back with a mountain of porn to jerk off too, I know you did even if you down voted it.

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